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Johnny Castle
Way Down in the Deep End

Johnny Castle – Way down in the deep end. Photo by John C. Garofalo.

OK. Want more? How’s this? Johnny’s career has spanned more than¬†four decades, providing the low end for some of the hottest bands in the business. From his days as bassist for the hard hitting Crank in the 70s, through a twelve year stint with Grammy Award nominee Bill Kirchen, to his current bass guitar duties with the world-famous Nighthawks as well as fronting his own band, The Thrillbillys, Castle has shown taste and restraint as he focuses on the groove, eschewing “look at me” pyrotechnics.

“It’s not about me, and how cool and fast I can play,” Johnny says. “It’s about what the song needs to be its best. If I wanted to play all that fast stuff, I’d have taken up guitar.”

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“Johnny and I have played together (on stage and in the studio) for many years. To say he’s a great bass player is an understatement. He’s an exceptional musician who understands the relationship between bass and drums as they lay the foundation. Johnny is able to shift between the feels needed for a down-home behind the beat blues shuffle like Jimmy Reed to the driving on top of the beat of Rockabilly like Carl Perkins. He and I have always been a great “fit” for each other. In addition we are both very handsome men.” – Pete Ragusa, Drummer, The Nighthawks.