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Greetings From COVIDistan!

NOTE: This update is long, Long, LONG overdue, and it’s all my fault!! Seriously, I (Lane, the editor and manager for this site) have been a total sloth as far as work is concerned. I could tell you all about it, but this site isn’t about me. It’s about my good friend, great bassist and legendary All-Around Cool Guy, Johnny Castle. So… without further ado, here’s the update Johnny asked me to post, like, a century ago!

Johnny Castle is off the road!!

After the past 40 plus road years, 30 of those solid  on the road, Johnny has retired from road work – not music, just long-distance travel – in July of 2018. He is now getting reacquainted with his house, his neighborhood and his wife. So far she hasn’t complained… much!

Johnny was knocked out to be included in AXS Music TV Network’s list of Top 13 Blues Bassists, coming in at #8, but, hey! Since #1 thru #4 are deceased, shouldn’t he be #4? Something to ponder in this New Year.

JC had to retire from the Nighthawks as well because they are still out there pounding down the Interstates. While he misses his bandmates, their music and some favorite venues, he misses the people he met while touring the most!

  You can find Johnny performing with his band the Thrillbillys, as well as regional gigs with his old pals Bill Kirchen and Jack O’Dell as Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun.

In addition to all that, there are 2 new grandchildren, a great nephew and 2 great grandkids to visit! Someone’s been busy! Not JC, he just rocks on.

Johnny sends HUGE thanks to all his friends and fans for the decades of support! Keep supporting live music; he’ll see ya out there!!