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Johnny Castle w/The Nighthawks

The Nighthawks – (left to right) Paul Bell, Pete Ragusa, Mark Wenner, and Johnny. Photo by Scot Norcross.

When I first met Johnny Castle, he was in D.C.’s pioneer blues-rock band, Crank. Then I saw him on TV in Virginia playing with Eddie and Martha Adcock. At the time, they were blazing the newgrass trail through traditional bluegrass territory, where Johnny was dodging bottles thrown by the purists. Later, with Eddie Angel and Ratso, he morphed Tex Rabinowitz’s Bad Boys into the psychobilly band, Switchblade. The first time I saw them, they opened with Link Wray’s “Run Chicken Run” and I knew I had to play with them. Switchblade became my vacation band, and I recorded my first solo album with them in l984. Johnny even subbed for Jan Zukowski with the Nighthawks for a blues tour backing John Lee Hooker, Pinetop Perkins and Elvin Bishop. Finally, after a 12-year hitch with Bill Kirchen and Too Much Fun, Johnny has joined the Nighthawks. He has the greatest feel for American roots music of all kinds, and incredible groove and drive. Playing music with him is like cruising on a big-inch Harley hot rod. – Mark Wenner, Harp and Vocals, The Nighthawks


Eddie Adcock (Country Gentleman)
John Starling (Seldom Scene)
Gene Johnson (Diamond Rio)
Jimmy Arnold
Jeff Wisor (David Bromberg)
Bob Perilla
Martha Adcock
Dudley Connell
Akira Otsuka
Mike Garris
Jimmy Gaudreax (Country Gentleman)
Wendy Thatcher
Dick Smith (Country Gentleman)
Scott McElheney
J.D. Crowe
Keith Whitley
Bobby Sloan
Mac Wiseman
Larry Rice
Bobby Hicks
Bob Siggins
Jimmy Martin
Randy Waller


Tex Rubinowitz
Billy Hancock (member Rockabilly Hall of Fame)
Bobby Rock
Joe Triplett (Rosslyn Mtn. Boys)
Martha Hull
John Tichey (Lost Planet Airmen)
Bobby Smith
Billy C. Farlow (Lost Planet Airmen)
Mark Gamsjager (Lustre Kings)
Graham Tichey (Lustre Kings)
Ronnie Dawson


Steuart Smith (The Eagles)
Redd Volkaert (Twangbangers, Haybale)
Bill Kirchen
Jimmy Nalls
Danny Gatton
D.C.Ratso (Kinky Freidman)
Pete Kennedy
Joe Goldmark (pedal steel Virtouso)
Geoff Richardson
Dave Van Allen (pedal steel Virtouso)
Paul Bell (The Nighthawks)
Johnny Hiland
Danny Morris
David “Gabby” Gabaldon
Michael Lipton (Mtn.Stage)
Andy Rutherford (Thrillbillys)
Eddie Angel (Los Straightjackets)
David Kitchen (Thrillbillys)
Dan Hovey
Ray Tilkins
Tommy Lee Brooks
Carl Peachey
Dave Geigerich
Dick Green
Charlie Pastorfield (Skip Castro)
Marshall Keith (Slickee Boys)
Mike Lessin
Jeff Carmela
Andy Paxson



Floyd Domino (Asleep At The Wheel)
Johnny Gimble (Bob Wills)
Dick Gimble
Ray Benson (Asleep At the Wheel)
Flaco Jimenez (Texas Tornados)
Doug Sahm
Cornell Hurd
Don Walser


Root Boy Slim
Chris Gafney
Robbie Fulchs
Cathy Jean
Dan Hicks
Bill Danoff
Mark Noone (Slickee Boys)
Andy Stein (Lost Planet Airmen)
Cherie Grasso (Rootettes)
Joe Goldmark (Twangbangers)
Gui Bokoles
Jeff Sarli
Sarah Brown

Akira Otsaka


Mark Wenner (The Nighthawks)
John Lee Hooker
Daryl Davis
Pinetop Perkins
Topper Carew
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Steve Gurr
Bo Diddley
Tom Principato
Hubert Sumlin
Steve Jacobs
Johnny Johnson (Chuck Berry)
Doug Jay
Elvin Bishop
John Tictin
Catfish Hodge
Jimmy Leyava
Lips Lackowitz
Rev. Billy Wirtz
Jimmy Patterson
Linwood Taylor
Tracy Nelson
Joe Louis Walker
Bobby Radcliffe



Joe & Rose Lee Maphis
Blackie Farrell
Clay Blaker (TX singer/songwriter)
Bobby Black
Buddy Charleton (Pedal Steel legend)
Dale Watson
Jimmy Day (Pedal Steel legend)
Ed Burleson
Liz Meyer
Page Wilson
J.B. Morrison
Dallas Wayne (Twangbangers)


Mike Zack
Robbie Magruder
Bobby Irwin (Nick Lowe)
Timm Biery (Mahogony Rush)
Guy Gengras
Jack O’Dell
Dave Elliott
El Toro Gamble
Scott Flowers
Steve Loesher
Steve Dennis
Bob Berberich
Jim Dougherty
Brian Alpert
Giles Cook
Robert Trehern (Van Morrison)
Pete Ragusa (The Nighthawks)
Joey Romero
Tom Bowes
George Carpenter
Mark Worthington
Joel App
Danny Conway
Nick Ruggieri
Chris Salamone
Wally Gator
Doug Kemp
Mickey Hart
Ernie Durawa (Texas Tornadoes)
Rico Antonelli
Michael James
Rick Anderson
Bob Larabee
Mark Stutso


John Carrol (M. Chapin Carpenter)
Joe Stanley
Peter Bonta (Artful Dodger)
Paul Scher (Violent Femmes)
Rick Arenz
Commander Cody
Mitch Collins
Bruce Hornesby
Austin Delone
Deanna Bogart
Ron Holloway (Dizzy Gillespie)
Bill (Bless) Blessington (Crank d.c.)
Bing McCoy
Tommy Lepson
Alan MacEwen (Grandsons)
Chris Watling (Grandsons)
Jimmy Carpenter (Jimmy Thackery Band)
Michael “Mookie” Siegel (New Riders)
Derek Houston (Iguanas)

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