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Johnny Castle’s Discography

Johnny Castle with Crank

On stage with Crank – circa 1970. Photo by Tom Carrico

Johnny’s long, distinguished career is well represented on disc. He has recorded with some of the very finest musicians the Mid-Atlantic has to offer. Some of the earlier recordings, especially those on vinyl, are no longer in print.

Head Cleaner II Generation Newgrass Rebel SLP1533
We Call It Grass II Generation Newgrass Rebel SLP1546
Second Impression II Generation Newgrass Rebel SLP1564
Love Games II Generation Country Rock CMH
Joe Maphis Country, Bluegrass CMH 6239
Spats Spats Pop R&B, Rock Good Sounds 104
Road Tired, Wired, & Ready Page Wilson Folk/Rock
Fugitive Mark Wenner & Switchblade Rock Whitewall
NOTE: All previous titles available only on vinyl. Yes, I’m that old. Shut up!
Lifestyles of the Blitzed and Heinous Johnny Castle and his Hard Knights Rock Bloody Fingers
Playing With Rats Ratso & Switchblade Rock Sphincter
Have Love Will Travel Bill Kirchen Americana Blacktop
Hot Rod Lincoln Live! Bill Kirchen Americana High Tone 8085
Raise A Ruckus Bill Kirchen Americana High Tone
26 Days On The Road The Twangbangers Americana High Tone 8142
Tied To The Wheel Bill Kirchen Americana High Tone
Dieselbilly Road Trip Bill Kirchen Americana Cracker Barrel
Catfish Blues Catfish Hodge Blues/ R&B Wild Cat 9201
Little Sick Twist Cathy Jean Blues/ Rock CJ20304
Blue Moon in Your Eye (CD+DVD) The Nighthawks Blues/R&B Rollin Storm Comm. RSC0601
Live! at the Sunset Grille The Thrillbillys Americana Groan Up Music
American Landscape The Nighthawks Blues/R&B Powerhouse
King of Dieselbilly Bill Kirchen Americana Hightone
Word To The Wise Bill Kirchen Americana Proper Records
Last Train To Bluesville Blues / R&B Blues/ R&B
Where There’s a Thrill There’s a Way The Thrillbillys Americana Groan Up Music
The Best of Ripsaw Records, Vol. 1 Various Artists Americana Ripsaw Records
Damn Good Time The Nighthawks Blues / R&B Severn Records

3 Responses to Discography

  • One error and four omissions noted:

    Error – The Best of Ripsaw Records Vol. 1 (the second to last entry) was not on Patuxent Records, but on Part Records

    Omissions – 1. The Best of Ripsaw Records Vol. 2 same info as Vol. 1
    2. Two Sides – Bobby Smith – Rockabilly – Ripsaw 221
    3. “Feelin’ Right Tonight”/”Fujiyama Mama” – Martha Hull – rockabilly 45 – Ripsaw 217
    4. Switchblade rockabilly 45 on Ostar

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