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See Johnny perform with the legendary Nighthawks, or with his own band, the Thrillbillys.

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Links to Explore

Johnny Castle with Bill Kirchen

Live with Grammy Nominee Bill Kirchen. Photo by Jana Lea Castle.

Eden ElectronicsTo get his signature sound, Johnny uses Eden amplifiers and speakers. Click on the logo at left to check out the Eden web site. While you’re there you can read an in-depth interview with Johnny by Lane Baldwin. Johnny talks about all things bass, including how he got started, the equipment he uses, his philosophy of bass and his work with The Nighthawks, Bill Kirchen and others. Or, click here to go straight to the interview. For more on Johnny’s current rig, see the Gear Page.

Folks I Work With

The Nighthawks

The Thrillbillys

Folks I’ve Worked With in the Past

Root Boy Slim

Cathy Jean

The Fur Peace Ranch
Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Cassidy run this cool learning retreat where I taught for a few years.

Tex Rubinowitz and the Bad Boys

Bill Kirchen
WIthout a doubt, Bill is one of the most important guitarists in Roots music today.

Other Friends

Lane Baldwin
A bass playing buddy, and the guy who put this site together for me and maintains it. Also the guy who got me hooked up with Eden.

Erkan Ozdemir
Bassist and multi-insturmentalist from Germany. Also the first one to contact Johnny through the new web site. Yo, Erkan!

Mark Opsasnick
Mark is a DC native and a good friend. Of his many books, Capitol Rock is his best known. Mark wrote this informative book on the first 25 years of D.C. Rock Music. Not known as a music town like San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, etc., the DC area has a rich and star-studded musical history that will surprise you as much as it did me, and I’ve been here almost 40 years. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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