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Nighthawks DVD Review

April 28, 2006

As y’all know, the new Nighthawks DVD/CD is out, and I was finally home long enough to look at it! It really looks great!

It’s a 4 camera shoot with absolutely seamless editing. The Rolling Storm production crew did a phenomenal job with little cut-ins, like Pete doing a little cymbal fill..there it is. A guitar riff? There’s Paul playing it. They didn’t miss a trick!

The band was amazed that we got anything at all, as we drove 8 hours that day from Rochester, NY to the Barns of Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA. We knew we were beat, but you can’t tell from this video. Two highlights: “Blue Moon In Your Eye”, “the Sopranos” TV theme song is smoking and leads off the package. We adapted it for a four piece group and it sounds righteous! “Black Night” A sultry Blues number with some astounding displays of musicianship by Mark Wenner on chromatic harp, and Paul Bell on guitar.

Check it out! You can order online at the Nighthawks web site.

Blue Moon in Your Eye

April 17, 2006

Blue Moon in Your Eye CDJust want to let y’all know that the new Nighthawks CD and DVD two-disc set is now available for purchase on the Nighthawks web site.

Blue Moon is a live set recorded at The Barns at Wolf Trap (Vienna, VA) and features the new lineup, including Paul Bell on guitar and me on bass. Production was handled by the Hawks with Scott Norcross and Dan Kohlmeier.

Each disc includes thirteen tracks, including a great rave-up of the Sopranos theme song, the Carl Perkins classic Put Your Cat Clothes On, and he very cool (but obscure) Bo Diddley tune You Don’t Love Me – You Don’t Care, featuring Yours Truly on vocals.

I just got my copies of the set last Thursday as the band headed out for its Easter Weekend gigs, so I haven’t had a chance to check out the final product yet. But I’ll be doing that tonight. But I can tell you from what I saw during production that it’s a great set, filled with slammin’ music. If you’re a Hawks fan, you need to get yourself a copy!