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A Quick Update

April 5, 2006

Hey, y’all! Just wanted to give you a little update on what I’ve been doing lately. Spent a weekend gigging in St. John, Virgin Islands in late March. Paradise! Got totally sunburned snorkeling. Waterproof sunscreen? Hah! Don’t believe it! The people there really seem starved for good, live American Roots music. There are a surprising number of little bars that are able to host musicians. Ran into Mitch Woods (of the Rocket 88’s- SF Bay area). He was there tickling the blue ivorys around some of the islands. Speaking of tickling the ivorys, the Nighthawks were joined by John Cleary, keyboardist for Bonnie Raitt, for a set at the Beach Bar in S.J. Man, he’s great! A british Professor Longhair! Bonnie’s doin’ some of his songs on her new CD.

Last week, I saw my old pals Eddie & Martha Adcock. They were opening for, and Eddie was performing with, the Country Gentlemen reunion at the State Theater, Falls Church, VA. It was great to see Jimmy Goodreau (mandolin) with whom I’ve played many times, and Tom Gray one of my favorite people as well as bass players. He was my mentor in Bluegrass upright bass, with his work for 4 decades with the Seldom Scene, as well as the Country Gentlemen. Randy Waller was stepping in for his Dad, Charlie Waller, who passed in ’04. Randy’s guitar playing was amazing! Charlie was great..Randy’s phenomenal!! He was playing his dads axe too which made it really sound like Charlie was still there! I had to leave before their show (gig to play) but they did about 4 songs in the dressing room, and I’ll tell you, those fans got a treat that night. Bluegrass- Finger Pickin Good!!

I did double duty Sun.4/2, at Sullys in Chantilly, VA. A Benefit for a young musician, Chris Hopson, who’s battling 2 kinds of cancer. The benefit featured the Nighthawks, Thrillbillys, Uncle Chunky, Tom Principato Band, Smylin’ Jack, Bloody Meri, and a few others. What a smashing success! The place was packed to the rafters, and it was a beautiful day so the parking lot was jammed with Harleys. All the bands rocked! Uncle Chunky’s bassist didn’t show (sick) so Damian Grasso, their drummer, picked up the bass and roared!! El Toro Gamble filled in beautifully on drums, and Damian’s brother, Tony always rocks on guitar, but I was truly impressed with Damian’s abilities. I’ve known these young fellas since they were in diapers, I felt like a proud Uncle watching them. The benfit raised dang near $10,000!!! Hope that helps Chris! Thanks to everyone who came out; I hope ya’ll had as much fun as I did!